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Why should I sell my vehicle to LeeJohnsonBuysCars.com?

Selling your vehicle on your own can be a headache… trying to advertise it, meeting with potential buyers, handling the vehicle and money transactions. You may also have an older vehicle or run-down vehicle that is difficult to sell. We are happy to help you with your vehicle. With a quick appointment and simple appraisal, we will give you an offer to purchase your vehicle. Our offer is good for 10 days or 500 miles provided the vehicle is in the same condition as when appraised. Should you accept our offer, you will get a check and peace of mind.

Who is LeeJohnsonBuysCars.com?

LeeJohnsonBuysCars.com is a new easy online way to sell your vehicle and a sister company to Lee Johnson Auto Group. Rather than deal with waiting around from online auctions and social sites, we give you a quick no-charge online appraisal for your vehicle. If you want to proceed with the transaction, you simply make an appointment for the final transaction.

Does my car need to be in great condition?

We will make an offer to purchase any vehicle, running or not.

What will I need to provide to sell my car?

You will need to be provide all keys, title, registration, and a valid US government issued identification.

Will the appraisal appointment take long?

If you make an appointment online or by phone, we will do our best to complete your appraisal in 30 minutes or less. We also welcome 'walk in’s' as well, however it may take a bit longer.

Can I sell you my car if I still have a loan on it?

Absolutely! We can contact the lender for the accurate payoff amount to determine your equity situation.

How is the value of my vehicle determined?

We have the tools which tell us current market conditions for your vehicle. We will also test drive your vehicle, inspect for cleanliness, safety and damage. We will share our findings with you along with our offer to purchase your vehicle.

When I receive an offer, do I have to sell my vehicle?

You are under no obligation to sell us your vehicle. We will provide you with an offer that will be good for 10 days or 500 miles provided the vehicle is in the same condition at the time of the initial appraisal.

What is the VIN and why do you need it?

The VIN (vehicle information number) is the identifier of the vehicle and provides the unique information of the vehicle. It allows us to give you the right offer for your vehicle.

When and how will I receive payment for my vehicle?

You will receive payment for your vehicle in the form of a company check from us which can be issued Monday thru Friday (excluding holidays) from 9:00AM – 4:00PM.

What costs will I be responsible for?

There is no cost to you for evaluating your vehicle or making you an offer. There are no hidden costs to do business.

What about reporting the sale of the vehicle to the DMV?

We typically have all the necessary documentation needed if you have title, registration, and identification. Keep in mind all parties will need to be present for signatures.

What happens after an offer is made and accepted?

Once you have communicated to us that you have accepted our offer, we will process the paperwork to handle the transaction. You will receive an agreement that outlines the condition of the purchase. Once the purchase is completed, including receiving your title and registration; we will present you with a check for your vehicle and collect your keys.

Can I sell my car with missing parts?

We are happy to present you with a fair market offer for your vehicle adjusting for the missing parts.

Will you buy my damaged car? Will you buy my car if it was in an accident?

All vehicles will be valued on an “as is” basis with the damage included. You will be given a fair market offer for your vehicle that is adjusted for the damage.

Will you buy my car if it doesn’t run?

Make an appointment for your non-working car and we will come to you (within a 50-mile radius) to appraise your vehicle on an “as-is” basis. You will still have the option of selling or not-selling the vehicle to LeeJohnsonBuysCars.com.

Wouldn’t I make more money selling my car on my own?

You could possibly make more money selling your vehicle on your own and there a lot of ways to do that. You could sell to friends, family, or on numerous social media sites. But, selling your vehicle to WBCAuto.com is a safe, quick option that puts the money in your hand today.

Wouldn’t I make more money by donating my car?

Donating your vehicle to a non-profit organization is a generous deed always. Guidelines on all vehicle donations allow you to deduct the amount that the vehicle was sold for by the charity. Please research how this might affect you. If you still want us to appraise your vehicle, feel free to contact us.

*See dealer for details.